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Gurmad Somali Relief Inc

Since its establishment in April 2016, Gurmad Somali Relief has helped many communities during the worst drought to hit east Africa and Yemen in 2017. Only a year after its creation, Gurmad Somali Relief (GSR) was quickly on the ground lending a helping hand to these who have lost everything to the one of the worst drought in recent memory to hit the region in 2017.

GSR has also helped other individuals that are not related to the draught with urgent medical needs during 2016 a couple of months after it has been founded.

Gurmad Somali Relief is undertaking long term projects to better the lives of children that have lost the bread winning member of their family by orphan sponsorship. GSR is also involved in empowerment projects to give individuals the skills and equipment they need to be self-sufficient so the cycle of dependency can be broken. The organisation is also helping with resorting vision to cataract patients so they can have a better life and continue with their day to day livelihood as a fit and healthy person.

There are many other projects that Gurmad Somali Relief will be involved in to self-sustain communities so they can self-serve, hence breaking the cycle of generational dependency and being poor.

GSR would like you to get involved in supporting us by to contributing to our campaigns as this will open the door of hope for the needy. We are dedicated to make a positive difference with your support and reach everywhere possible around the globe that there is a needy person.

Medical assistance

Millions of people die from preventable dieses such as malaria and cholera because of lack of basic medical supply.

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Water Projects

As water is the key to survival, lack of it or lack of clean water is cause of many deaths especially in children.

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Help Someone In Need

As showing gratitude to the goodness in your life, help someone in a desperate need as what you give could save a life.

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Zakat Al-Maal

As one of the obligation and a pillar of the 5 pillars in Islam, one must pay 2.5% of a wealth (85g of gold & 595g of silver = around $4,566 AUD) unused for a whole calendar year to the poor as a purification of the wealth and strengthening the brotherhood/sisterhood in Islam.

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Voluntary charity which doesn’t have to be in the form of money can be made to repent from a sin as it pleases the creator, increases faith (iman) and blesses everything in one’s life (wealth, children,…etc.)

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As it’s a sunna to Scarface for the new born to protect it from evil, Gurmad Somali Relief can perform it on your behalf & distribute to these who need it the most.

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